Project and Portfolio

  • Project evaluations and due diligence support
  • Innovation management
  • Project Management
  • Preclinical development plans and budgets
  • Study outsourcing and monitoring
  • GLP audits

Toxicology & Medical

  • Nonclinical overviews and preclinical parts of IB, IMPD, IND, etc.
  • Biocompatibility Assessments for Medical Devices (acc. to DIN EN ISO 10993)
  • Toxicological Risk Assessments for chemicals (REACH)
  • Toxicological Risk Assessments for Impurities, Leachables & Extractables
  • Determination of Permitted Daily Exposure and Occupational Exposure Limits
  • Environmental Risk Assessments


  • Toxicologic pathology for GLP studies
  • Pathology peer reviews
  • Discovery pathology and characterization of disease models
  • Phenotyping of genetically-modified mice
  • Diagnostic pathology for laboratory animals
  • Pathology expert statements

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