New implementation or update of OECD Guidelines

 In Legislative change

Over the last 3 months, a variety of OECD guidelines for in vitro toxicity testing has been newly implemented or updated.

The current versions can be downloaded via the PDF link.

OECD 431: In vitro skin corrosion: reconstructed human epidermis (RHE) test method  PDF

OECD 432: In Vitro 3T3 NRU Phototoxicity Test  PDF

OECD 439: In Vitro Skin Irritation: Reconstructed Human Epidermis Test Method  PDF

OECD 442C: In Chemico Skin Sensitisation  PDF

OECD 492: Reconstructed human Cornea-like Epithelium (RhCE) test method for identifying chemicals not requiring classification and labelling for eye irritation or serious eye damage  PDF

OECD 494: Vitrigel-Eye Irritancy Test Method for Identifying Chemicals Not Requiring Classification and Labelling for Eye Irritation or Serious Eye Damage  PDF

OECD 495: ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) Assay for Photoreactivity   PDF

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